Aug 26, 2005

Marketing to kids - The lessons for HR

Rashmi Bansal muses on how some things still remain the same as much as other things change, when marketers target kids.

It made me reminisce about the one thing I used to pester my parents for, Maggi noodles free gifts. I ensured that I had all the free gifts that Maggi handed out ! And, the free gift for me was getting to eat all that Maggi too.

So this got me thinking about the ways this strategy can be used to effectively reward employees for your organization. There is always some 'stuff' in organizations that are percieved to be high value (not necessarily monetary) for employees who have pride in being employees :-)

I remember, in my previous organization it used to be identity card retractors. People who had the coolest retractors were seen as those who had 'arrived' (by travelling to the US ;-), or those who had rucksacks with the company logo were envied by the hoi polloi like us.

Merchandise such as this can be effectively used as a reward for small intiatives (remember, these should not be used to reward core job performance!) like employee referral programs, quality initiatives, idea generation initiatives etc. Physical gifts do not have to be the only one too. Having a meal with the top management could act as incentive too.

Thing to remember: Do not treat employees as kids. Pushing 'low value' gifts would only make the whole thing fall flat !