Aug 17, 2005

Optimizing 'cost per hire' ?

I got a mail from a contact saying that the Executive Recruiters Association in India is organizing it's annual conference in Hyderabad.

Today, I saw this ad in the Hindu main section (and interestingly not in the Opportunities section!), and the fact that irked me was that the theme for the convention is "Optimising Cost per Hire" ! I mean, here is this whole thought about recruiting meeting business needs, hire quality people at the right time, and India's top headhunters choose to focus on "optimising cost per hire" ??

Did someone not tell them that Attracting and Retaining Skilled Staff is the number one concern of CEOs worldwide (and I think in India too!), so why are they focussing on cost-per-hire? Isn't that just one of the metrics they should be focussing on?