Aug 8, 2005

Over at FC Now blogjam 2005

Posting will be light a couple of days as I'll be guest posting at the FC Now blogjam 2005. For those who don't know, FC Now is the blog of the Fast Company magazine.

See you there !

There are about 75 bloggers invited for the blogjam, including Fast Company Resource Center contributors Margaret Heffernan, Tim Manners, and Richard Watson, as well as Web notables John Moore, Ross Mayfield, and Robert Scoble.

My first post was on "Structures for Unlocking Innovation and Purpose", something that has always fascinated me, and then the conversation veered to "The Innovative Individual" and "On Collaboration", and finally as to how organizations can be big and yet behave as the "Small and Famous".

Posted an entry on the "Is HR doing a good job?" discussion today.