Aug 17, 2005

Too risky?

Auren Hoffman says that joining a huge big firm is a more riskier proposition than joining a start-up.

His argument is that the learning and the chance to make it good in a start-up is a better than joining a large firm and learning politics and not learning anything else.

My take on that is that the reason why MBAs join a B School is to make more money and any chance of making money is going to be preferred more by them. While start-ups require analytical and biz skills that an MBA brings, they require passion more than anything else.

I would agree that sometimes a fresh pair of eyes are needed to look at opportunities for disruptive innovation, and for folks out of college who think like that joining a start-up would be a great idea.

The other fact that people need to think about is how tolerant are they of ambiguity themselves. People who like to live a structured life might find the varying job-roles in a start-up a little hard to digest. So $$ earned might not be a great factor to calculate whether its risky for you to continue in the big huge organization or to join a start-up!