Aug 23, 2005

When will online recruitment target middle and top managers

There's a change in how Indians are searching for jobs. For the people who joined the workforce post 1999 using job search portals like

It started with IT job seekers (since they were the most savvy net users those days) but has embraced the other functions since then. So people with experience level of 5-6 years are pretty comfortable putting their resumes on these job boards. However, the online recruiting bug seems to have passed by the middle managers, and never seems to have touched top management.

Hilariously in one of the job boards, the option for middle management is stated as 4+ years experience !

The market is ripe for an Indian version of (BlueSteps is a confidential candidate database that allows senior executives to make themselves accessible to members of the AESC – the association for the world’s leading executive search firms.) is designed specifically for senior executives with demonstrated success in their careers. The typical registrant earns US$220,000 (or country equivalent) with at least 10 years of management experience. To join, you must earn a minimum of US$100,000. Currently, more than 21,000 executives from all over the world have joined.