Sep 16, 2005

XLRI launches post doctoral FPM for Working Executives

XLRI launches the part-time Executive FPM has been designed to cater to the scholarly needs of working business executives who already have a full-time MBA and three years of work experience. The objective of the part-time Executive FPM is to develop prospective scholars for careers not only in management research and teaching but also in management practice, consulting, training, and development.


The Exec-FPM would follow two stages. In the first stage, the selected candidate needs to meet the course requirements. This would be fulfilled through 4 campus visits of 20 days' duration each, spread over a period of 13 months.

On successful completion of the course requirement, the student has to qualify in two comprehensive examinations (one in the area of specialization and the other in interrelated areas) before taking up the thesis work.

The second stage (thesis) will start after that. The student will select a thesis topic from among the areas - Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Organizational Behaviour, Personnel Management & Industrial Relations / Human Resource Management, and Strategic Management. The student is expected to identify a thesis topic in consultation with a thesis adviser, and work under the supervision of a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). On successful completion of all the requirements of the Exec-FPM, a student will be awarded the title 'Fellow in Management'.

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