Oct 24, 2005

Dr. Shukla - the manner expert?

Dr. Madhukar Shukla who has his Alternative Perspective and musings blog, has been invited to a talk show on the Voice of America as one of the 3 panelists on the VOA "Talk to America" (hosted by Doug Bernard) on October 25th (9:30pm - 10:30pm IST) - or "Tuesday, October 25th at 16 utc (12pm-1pm Washington time)"

How to Listen
Direct VOA Frequencies (in Kilohertz (kHz))
- Europe, Middle East and North Africa( 9700, 9825, 15195, 15445 )
- Africa (909, 1530, 4930, 9850, 13795, 15410, 15580, 17715 )
- Far East Asia, South Asia and Oceania (1170, 6160, 7125, 9760)

The netbroadast might be available at:

The description of the program reads:
Tuesday - October 25, 2005
Rude America and Cultural Understanding

Peter Post: Director, Emily Post Institute co-author “The Etiquette Advantage in Business”
Madhukar Shukla: Professor, XLRI Jamshedpur School of Management and Labor Studies
Mark Caldwell: Author “A Short History of Rudeness”

A new opinion survey shows Americans are ruder than ever. Road rage and loud cellular telephone conversations at restaurants and other public places are attracting attention to American men and women behaving badly. Where is common courtesy in today’s fast-paced environment? Talk To America asks the manners experts. (from Professor of Strategic Management & Organizational Behavior to a manner expert!? -ir, yeh kya ho raha hai?)