Oct 19, 2005

The next step for google - recruitment tool?

Dave Pollard says:

There is one last 'search' frontier that Google has not yet conquered, however, and it could be Google's biggest hit yet, and possibly generate significant revenue as well. Google is well established as the company that best helps you find what. And recently with Google Maps/Earth they are becoming established as the company that best helps you find where. What if Google is now working on becoming the company that best helps you find who? The company that becomes the expertise finders, the shared-interest finders, the companion finders, the people who, at last, will help us find, effectively and intuitively, the people we're looking for, not just their stuff. And not just find them, but make sure they're available (and if applicable affordable) and seamlessly put us in touch with them.

So if job portals say they have both the jobs and the candidate databases, and the vertical search engines say they are the gateway to access all jobs, will it be Google saying access all the jobs and all the people ?

Antony at Recruiting.com had an interesting post on rise of the researchers. If google perfects as Dave hopes for, then cost of research could plummet, taking total cost of recruitment down too.