Nov 11, 2005

Best companies to work for in India

It's list time yet again !

Business Today, Mercer and TNS have come with the list of the top 10 companies to work for in India. And Infosys tops the list yet again. (One feels like Infosys has become the IIMA equivalent in such cases :-) followed by Sasken. What was interesting was to see GE's divested company Genpact (earlier, Gecis) also making it to the top 10 amidst many upheavals it has seen over the last year.

As BT commented there are a majority of firms from the IT and ITES sectors. What was impressive was a public sector company NTPC making it to the list again. It goes to show that being a good employer does not mean only certain things like special allowances or a high pay packet or an MNC brand.

As the team behind the study says:

One company has elevated recruitment to a fine art, and its hr team does not treat hiring as a number crunching exercise. The description of the technology-driven hr processes at another of our winners speaks of its fast and efficient service delivery. The detailed career management system showcased by another winner highlights the degree of autonomy that the company provides its employees to chart their own career in multiple streams through a role/skill-based, performance-factored and business-driven interactive software. Another one of our winners has received strong endorsement of its employer brand from its internal and external labour market. Its employees perceive it as a quality employer, search firms are keen to have the company as client, alumni speak warmly about it, and new hires feel proud to be part of the company.

Now looking forward to the rankings of BusinessWorld and CNBC. :-))