Nov 15, 2005

Head hunting explodes in India

Business-Today had an interesting article on the growth of high level headhunting in India and put out this table. It apparently puts out the biggest placements in India Inc. over the last year. But as some friends from the headhunting industry told me...there seems to be a lot of people that got missed out !

(note Rs. 1 crore = $ 227,000 approx)

The Top Placements

Big-ticket mandates have now become commonplace in India Inc. Here's a sample:
Who: S. Surya
For Whom: Infineon Technologies
By Whom: Russell Reynolds
For How Much*: Rs 3 crore

Who: Siddharth Pai
For Whom: Technology Partners Intl
By Whom: Hunt Partners
For How Much*: Rs 1.6 crore

Who: Dinesh Chandiok
For Whom: Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Enterprise
By Whom: Stanton Chase
For How Much*: Rs 1.5 crore

Who: Neelam Dhawan
For Whom: Microsoft
By Whom: Egon Zehnder
For How Much*: Rs 1.5 crore

Who: Padma Ravichander
For Whom: Perot Systems
By Whom: Stanton Chase
For How Much*: Rs 1.3 crore

*Indicates annual salary package Source: Industry estimates

Interesting fact to note that two of these are ladies and both are ex-HP employees !
Note that these are people based in India so Indians hired by firms to be stationed in US or other countries are not covered.