Nov 16, 2005

Indian workers looking at jumping jobs

From the Financial Express:

According to a survey by Monster India, an online recruitment agency, 51% of employees may well be thinking of greener pastures even as they continue with their jobs. With growing options in the job market and a booming economy, more and more people in stable jobs were looking for options outside their organisation.

Of the 20,133 respondents, 51% said they were exploring newer career options. The survey was part of Monster Meter, an ongoing series of online polls to gauge users’ opinion on a variety of topics relating to career and the workplace.

Of course, it's a little skewed group to do a poll on. Presumably individuals who visit Monster's website are already inclined to look at other jobs, right? What interests me is, what are the other 49% who visit Monster's website are looking for. Any guesses? Jobs for friends and family?