Nov 28, 2005

Open Space and other LSIP

The Slacker Manager says how pleased he was with an Open Space retreat. I think he got the reason for it right. It works because it lets the participants set their own agenda. And it lets them set their own time boundaries and levels of engagement. That's the essence of making Open Space work. Of course, one might get the feeling that why do you need a facilitator for this retreat, but a facilitator for Open Space is a true facilitator, not a trainer with a fancy name :-)

I haven't been lucky enough to get invited to an Open Space intervention (except this one, which I sadly could not make it to!)(typically it's great for issues that impact people across silos)

Another great Large Scale Interactive Process that I have some working knowledge of is the Appreciative Inquiry which is also a great intervention if you want to energise people by helping them focus on the positives of the context.