Dec 23, 2005

HR Lessons from Harsha Bhogle

Was going through Prem's blog on cricket and found some really insightful quotes by cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle which contains some brilliant HR management wisdom.

In India’s thriving, achievement-driven private sector they love him [Chappell].
At the same time, a lot of the older managers, facing change and uncertainty in their own lives, sympathised with Ganguly and thought he deserved another opportunity. That is the other face of India where, as my cousin told me, zor ka jhatka dheere se dena chahiye. They believed that we need to respect the past and nurture those that have been successful.

When change comes knocking, there will always be one or two who will feel the heat. Either they adapt or they get looked over. In this case Ganguly is having to adapt and he can if he looks at this positively. If he scores runs, he will look Chappell in the eye and I think he will discover that this divide is not as big as it seems.

Some really good change management nuggets there, IMHO. Sure, change is not always easy, and sometimes, not always does it equal development and/or growth. When two strong egos collide with different ideas about change only one idea stands tall.

Ideally, two great ideas should combine together to produce one awe-inspiring idea, but to do that one person should play the role of a facilitator. In this case, neither the BCCI or the media act as one.