Dec 26, 2005

Indian IT companies developing other revenue streams?

This news item on Wipro delivering cross-cultural training for its clients caught my eye. As the article says this is probably a drop in Wipro's ocean of revenues, but these could help in HR folks taking themselves more seriously and business folks looking at them with new respect. Let's face it, you can be a brilliant support partner, but still never be seen as a "line function".

Even Infosys has a small HR consulting team that does hard core Change management and HR interventions for their clients. Again, its not a big group, hardly around 10 consultants but is always a great area for the hundreds of HR professionals employed by Infosys to aspire for.

In fact, the old economy industries like Eicher were first to experiment with setting up a HR consulting outfit with in-house talent and turning it into a full fledged profit centre. The Lalbhai group also tried it but that experiment turned out to be a big flop.