Dec 26, 2005

McKinsey preferred on Indian B Schools

According to this article McKinsey is the preferred number one on Indian B Schools followed by BCG, Accenture, HSBC and HLL.

It's been a big fall for FMCG powerhouse which was the most aggressive recruiter of B School grads till a couple of years back. Of course, "Mac" was always a to-die-for firm, but the number of people it picked was never too much. As another article quotes a BCG consultant as saying that the constant flow of correspondence between students and the firm as a sign of greater student maturity. This means that student perception — shaped by the experiences of seniors and corporate interactions on campus — are playing a wider role in placement choices than ever before.

As a friend remarked "People join consulting for the glory, and of course the money is good too. Where else can you be fresh out of B School and strut your stuff in front of Boards and CXOs?" If that is really the case, HLL and other FMCG companies need to address this need of B Schools or else, just graduate to the next level of B Schools where they would still be number one recruiters.

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