Dec 15, 2005

Microsoft vs Google

Sure Google has got its place in the sun compared to Microsoft in 2005, but as Joel tells us microsoft's 2006 counteroffensive on google is taking shape.

The idea?

Very simple, really. When the enemy wants to attack your strength, you attack the enemy's strength. As Joel reports:

The Wall Street Journal has jumped on a recent comment by Gates. Here's how it went:
"We'll actually go to users and say instead of us keeping all that ad revenue, we'll actually share some of it back with the user," said Mr. Gates, according to a transcript supplied by Microsoft. "The user essentially will get paid, either money or free content or software things that they wouldn't get if they didn't use that search engine."Microsoft is in an interesting position of not counting on ad revenue to pay the bills. Google, on the other hand, relies almost exclusively on ad revenue to keep the lights on.

Sun-Tzu would be proud ! :D