Dec 23, 2005

The Recruiting Blog Awards are out !

And the category winners are here !

Some thought's: Microsoft recruiting sweeps the awards....oh OK, I am being hyperbolic like MSM. But Gretchen's Job blog has won in two categories: best job seeker blog as well as best group blog. Gretchen and her colleagues have done awesome work for promoting the MS brand and Technical Recruiting of Microsoft. Job seekers love the suggestion kitty and the common sense advice she purrs once in a while ! But am surprised that Heather didn't win in any category. As the Marketing and Finance Recruiting Program Manager for MS, Heather has turned into the Recruiting industry's poster girl. Could the reason be that Finance and Marketing folks do not vote on blog awards?

The best HR Technology blog goes to Cheesman's Online Recruiting Blog and I'm not really surprised. Joel rocks when explaining search engine optimization and online job posting strategies for the recruiting industry. His blog is definitely a must read for me!

Another non-surprise was Shally's blog on ERE Cybersleuthing , which won in the best Recruiting Research blog category. Shally is again an industry thought leader and knows people all around the world in recruiting. He earlier worked for Google and now is with Microsoft's recruiting group. So he definitely is on top of the game all the time!

What was surprising was that the Google Blog won the best Corporate Recruiting blog category. Pray, someone explain that logic to me. Sure, its a corporate blog, but it's not focussed on recruiting (except for an occasional post like this).