Jan 18, 2006

Fighting attrition...literally??

From Mid-Day

Sandeep Harish Gidwani (22), team leader at Silgate Solutions, an Andheri BPO, filed a police complaint against his director for threatening and assaulting him in office. He stated that Chandresh Haria, hit him on his right eye and back and injured his wrist. ‘All because I resigned!' Said Gidwani, “I got an offer from another BPO, so I put in my papers. The next thing I know is I am threatened and thrashed!”

“Haria was accompanied by two unknown persons, who beat me up and even tried to force me to sign some document. They were under a misconception that I was poaching my colleagues. ‘We will not let you live, no matter where you go, and if you tell anyone about this incident, we will kill you,’ Haria told me that night.”Haria told Mid Day that Gidwani’s allegations were baseless and absurd. “It was his last day at work and Sandeep had been fired from the company for malpractices and disclosing secrets of the company to other call centres. He also threatened our agents to leave the company and join him.” Haria has lodged a counter-complaint against Gidwani.