Jan 27, 2006

The new HR professional?

From Egon Zehnder newsletter:

Future HR professionals expect challenging, business-oriented roles, not administrative jobs, reports Robert Rodriguez in HR Magazine. The upcoming generation of leaders strongly believes that HR can influence a company’s bottom line, especially in the knowledge economy, where talent is a key asset. Professionals from a wide range of backgrounds are now moving into HR, where they see exciting development potential, writes the author. Alongside business and financial skills, HR students are now learning to think strategically, he adds. Industry insiders expect future HR programs to cover globalization issues, regulation and technology.

Current HR executives nevertheless need to promote the profession among students to destroy its negative image and attract higher caliber candidates, writes the author. Firms can also give HR a higher profile by offering employees internships within HR, he adds. According to industry experts, tomorrow’s top HR graduates will naturally seek sophisticated positions that offer clear career paths. In return, employers can expect tomorrow’s HR leaders to behave like business partners or internal consultants who also deal with staff issues, predicts the author. Their insight and expertise will be highly-prized in the future, he concludes.

Another interesting article from the EZ knowledge base on what goes into making a great HR leader.