Feb 28, 2006

Marketing Outsourcing through GE and McKinsey alumni

Interesting Newsweek article on how GE and McKinsey alumni are key to making outsourcing work.

GE has been so successful with its outsourcing operations that its managers continue to chant the mantra even after they have left the company. Today, GE veterans are in key positions at Home Depot, Honeywell International, Solectron, and United Technologies, among others, giving (Genpact CEO, Pramod) Bhasin a huge base of potential customers with a deep understanding of just what his company can do for them. "We go after GE alums," Bhasin says.

Marc Vollenweider, a former partner at McKinsey in New Delhi and London, co-founded Evalueserve Inc., a New Delhi company that provides market research and analyzes data for hedge funds and investment banks. WNS Global Services, a top call center and back-office shop in India, was founded by McKinsey alum Neeraj Bhargava. And Rizwan Koita, an associate with McKinsey in Bombay, left the firm in 1999 at age 29 to found TransWorks Information Services Ltd., which operates call centers and does back-office work for banks and tech companies.

What is important to note is that these people have seen outsourcing work and know the processes that are needed to make it a success. They are not running into it just to join the bandwagon.