Mar 27, 2006

The Ambanis headhunt separately

Ever since the Ambani brothers have split up, both of them have raided the market and top performers with aggressive panache.

Mukesh Ambani has been beefing up his retail team with some high profile talent from the FMCG, Consumer goods and Life Style industry.

Anil Ambani has been poaching people from the Telecom industry (even one from MCI at new York) as well as for his insurance plans

Rumors have it that salaries the brothers are offering their CEOs are breaching the Rs. 5 crore bracket (US $ 1 million) ! Once upon a time that was the salary that Indian firms offered their managers stationed in the US (Vivek Paul, for instance).

Corporate India is waiting and watching for this is one split that seems to have benefited lots of people!

There's a feeling that more talent could follow the MNCs to the two Reliance brothers. They do have a way of doing things in a grand scale and that would attract a lot people.