Mar 6, 2006

How do you value an MBA?

This is Vasant's take on it.

When I went to do my MBA, after 2.5 years of working in hotels and sales, my focus was to learn things that the MBA program actually did not mean to teach. Later, I realised that the design of the program taught me a lot of things by experience rather than by actual content. It taught me that:

  • Working with people is THE most critical skill one can learn, but, can hardly ever be taught !
  • Deadlines are not the exceptions but the norm.
  • You cannot manage time, only yourself !
  • You can always see farther if you stand on the shoulders of giants.
  • There are always some questions that would never have some answers.
  • Sometimes, a "I don't know" or keeping silent is a wiser course of action.
  • Life teaches you much more than classrooms.
Thankfully, my love for books stood me in good stead during B School. I spent every free minute in the library, and although the net is a wonderful thing, there are some books that taught me much more ! Like "Man's Cry for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. Awesome book!

It taught me more than all those seven habit/chicken soup/cheese/fish books could ever have!