Mar 30, 2006

Jobster and Six Apart tie-up: One year of free typepad

Jason announced this on his blog (how apt!)

jobster and typepad are teaming up to enable typepad bloggers to easily add a sidebar with relevant jobs and/or a jobster search box to their blogs.

As part of this launch, Jobster is offering 400 individuals free typepad service for a year. If you are already a typepad user, all you need to do is install a jobster widget on your typepad blog before may 25th, check a box, and you can win free typead blogging for a year. that's right, jobster will pay for your typepad subscription for a year.

I alas, am not blogging on typepad so no free blogging for me. Hey wait, I am blogging when I am free, for free ! Yeah, blogger is good too. I aint too fussy. I can customize it to get some OK AdSense US$ ;-) Wordpress doesn't even let me do that.

Coming back to the Jobster-Six Apart news...did the Cheezman read the tea leaves the other day or can he read Jason's thoughts through his blog.
Man, these SEO Bloggers are scary ;-))!

Interesting quote in that story from Jason:

"Jobster's 200-plus premium employers have found increasingly that the people they want to hire are more likely to be reading a blog on a given day than they are to be visiting a job board," said Jason Goldberg, CEO of Jobster. "With this partnership, Jobster is taking those employers and their jobs to the blogs like never before."

Waitaminnit, even I have Jobster ads running on my blog. Any job that interests you, oh reader? Just click away!