Mar 9, 2006

Question from a reader

I recieved this question from a reader of this blog and am reproducing it here with the person's permission.

I am a graduate from a Library and Information Science M.S. program, and am currently working at a career services office at a University. After reading your blog, I thought I'd get in touch and ask you a favor.

I'm looking to move into a leadership/management position, but having a difficult time getting credibility as this sort of person since employers are most drawn to my obvious technical skills. After reading through your blog, I have a better idea of the concepts and key ideas of management and business professionalism. I'm still uncertain as to how I could bring my own non-technical skills to the forefront, since I'm not a graduate of a Business program.

And this is what I responded:

Management jobs in general ask for certain key competencies in addition to technical competencies.

Some are:
  1. People Management competencies
  2. Managing physical and e-resources
  3. Time Management
  4. Client Service Management

One way you can showcase your skills in the above areas is to highlight key achievements in your career in which you demonstrated these skills.

Best of luck !