Mar 2, 2006

Should I move to wordpress?

I've had a wordpress blog for sometime now, although I haven't used it very well :-)

The reason was that I had invested too much into this blog to move over to another blogging service. Blogger's never given me too much grief. OK, some grief. And it's free.

But so is wordpress.

And it's more functional.

Today I discovered a lovely utility that allowed me to transfer all my blog posts from my blogger blogs to my wordpress blog.

The one reason I am not shifting to wordpress is my fear of losing my readership. If you visit this blog through a browser you have to save another URL instead of this. If you read it through bloglines (that's 148 of you) or some other feed reader then you need to update another RSS feed into your reader.

Will you do this?

Am I scared needlessly?

I remember Scoble writing once on his blogging manifesto to never ever change your URL, but he shifted to Wordpress too. So, should I really bother?

I know it's easy, but it's a change. Will you like it?

Here's my wordpress blog, this is the RSS feed. Come over, and tell me what you think.