Mar 30, 2006

Some attempts at definitions

My Definition of Learning Organisation on

“A Learning Organisation is one in which there exists processes, systems and
intent to continually challenge and questions one’s own mental models and
assumptions and to ask oneself “why?”, in a non-threatening manner”
My definition of Organisational Culture

“Organisational Culture is the the sum total of the image the organisation has
of itself and the identity that others give to it. It includes the mental models
that drive it and the assumptions that cloud it. This covers values, norms and
artifacts of the organization.”

A comment on definition of Communities of Practice

I think that a useful point that could be included in these definitions is the paradoxical nature of CoPs, because unlike a social community there is
an inherent ‘design’ that is included in them, and yet they are emergent as
they develop, and any attempt to craft them usually tends in stunting their

What do you think? How would you define them?