Mar 24, 2006

Who would have thought?

That mangoes would be sold via the internet, and marketed via email?

From an email I recieved, this would technically be Spam, but I just loved their concept so am blogging about it:
This is straight to you from our mango farms in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. It's a region that is known to produce the finest of Alphonso mangoes.

We have been growing mangoes for over 100 years now. Beginning April, we would be packing the best of the harvest and door-deliver to you directly through couriers. 4 dozens of delicious Alphonso mangoes packed in traditional wooden crates.

Sorry, if you are looking for fancy gift boxes. We don't have any of those. But if you are keen in getting some good mangoes to be enjoyed at home, we are the guys. Just Rs 1400 for 4 dozens.

I knew something like mango diplomacy was happening between Bush and Singh. But this is too much !