Mar 9, 2006

XLRI placement statistics are out

From the XLRI News blog:

3 students signed out with offers from McKinsey, the consulting major, which offered a package of 13 Lakhs. The highest offer was made by McKinsey, followed by Hay Group, Accenture Business Consulting and HSBC Bank. The average salary for the batch this year was 8.4 Lakhs, a significant rise as compared to the corresponding figure of the previous year, 7.4 Lakhs. Over 25 students were offered salaries of 10 lakhs or more.

IBM (23), Cognizant (15), Goldman Sachs Equity Research (12), Ernst & Young Human Capital (11), ICICI Prudential (9), Hewitt Associates (8), and Nokia (7) were among the largest recruiters this year making the maximum number of offers. Over 50 companies were a part of the process, of which 9 were participating for the first time.

21% of the batch of 180 people opted for consulting firms. That's almost 45 people. Seems like consulting is on a major upswing in India. I'm waiting for the day when Roland Berger and Bain will open their offices in the country.

The Banking, Finance and Insurance sector ranked among students’ top preferences with 26% accepted offers across companies in this sector. That shows probably the appetite in the economy to take loans and repay them? Heck, I'm no economist, but if banks are recruiting after the 3 year lull between 2001 and 2004, then that's indicative of consumer spending and (hopefully) industrial spending also.

The number of Lateral offers made was 82 - That's another reason why you should go to B-School after some work experience. You get to choose the jobs that start you off higher than your classmates, with more responsibility and better pay ;-))

Update: Kaps tells me that Bain has already opened an office at New Delhi (yep, and it's on their website too), and currently has 30 people and would be picking up 10 people more from IIM-A and B during this placement season. Hmm...I wonder why they won't go to IIM-C? Oops, was Rashmi right after all? Seems like Bain is going to follow the McKinsey Knowledge Center model, as they have set up the Bain Capability Center in New Delhi. How much longer before BCG, Monitor, Katzenbach, Roland Berger also start opening their research and development offices here?