Apr 24, 2006

Delhi leads in job advertisement

The Hindu reports that Delhi creates maximum jobs in India .

I wonder how many of the jobs the research tracked are 'growth' jobs compared to 'backfilling for attrition' jobs? The report merely says that - "industry chamber Assocham tracked 6,175 job placements in first two months of 2006 and found out that employers in Delhi advertised for 1,495 vacancies, followed by Mumbai with 1,344 placements".

I wish news reports would not jump to conclusions so hastily. Such shoddy research and reporting does nobody any good ! Obviously it's a secondary research and I only hope that the research has the findings from various sources and not just the easiest sources like online job boards!

It is kind of funny that the cities that generate more buzz in the IT and ITeS sectors, Hyderabad and Chennai are not in the top three cities. Bangalore is number three with 19% of jobs advertised.