Apr 4, 2006

Deloitte wins Workforce Management's Optimas award

From the TMP site:

Workforce Management magazine has recognized Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for its worldwide careers website with the prestigious 2006 Optimas Award in the Global Outlook category. The Global Outlook category acknowledges human resources programs and strategies that help organizations succeed in the world marketplace.

The website was strategically developed in partnership with TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications to address the challenging recruiting and staffing demands of Deloitte member firms. The careers website is one of several efforts Deloitte member firms are making to support their new vision and strategy for the decade 2010—to become first choice of the world’s most coveted clients and talented people.

Currently, the Deloitte careers website is one of the most visited careers websites in the world (more than 4 million visitors per year) and has a high number of jobs posted— more than 6,000 globally.
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Deloitte recognized for worldwide careers website