Apr 22, 2006

Global Pay Summary - Mercer HR's survey

  • Companies in the US pay highest base salaries and annual total cash for finance and marketing directors; those in India pay the lowest
  • Finance directors are generally paid most, but marketing directors earn more in Germany, Poland and Hungary
  • Highest base pay for HR directors found in US, while their counterparts in Germany receive highest annual total cash
  • Finance and Marketing directors earn more than five times their counterparts in India, while HR directors earn over three times as much.
  • Base pay for marketing directors ranges between $203,100 in the US and $40,000 in India.
  • The best paid HR directors are found in the US, UK and Germany where employees can earn $175,000, $161,900 and $160,500 respectively. Those working in Hungary and India get around $57,100 and $ 47,900 respectively. (hmm... interesting figures for Indian Marketing and HR directors - Are HR honchos getting [gasp!] more than Marketing guys?)
  • US-based finance directors are the highest paid, earning $250,000 on average while in India its $53,800.

More details can be found at http://www.mercerHR.com/globalpaysummary