Apr 30, 2006

XLRI faculty fees to go up

We had an XLRI alumni meet at Hyderabad, as the current Director of XL, Fr. Casimir Raj was in town for a CII HR Summit.

The interesting thing we discovered was that even academic institutions are becoming subject to the war for talent. So XL is doing what most organizations do. Hiking salary. The salaries of the faculty will be going up by 15 to 25%. That's both basic pay as well as differential pay. In addition, it is trying to create a pipeline for future faculty by launching the Executive Fellow program. As opposed to a PhD or normal Fellow program, the Executive FPM would require working professionals to spend some weeks at the campus over three years.

I hope that brings in lot of new blood and industry perspective to management academia. Fr. Raj shared that the first EFPM program had resulted in 30 executives being selected.

What was also interesting to note was that XLRI is tying up with industry biggies to come with solutions for upgrading their HR competence. For example there is the Accenture, XLRI tie-up, as well as along with SBI and Mahindra & Mahindra.