May 3, 2006

Being indispensible

Seth has a post on how bloggers are different from 'organizations' or 'institutions'. The focus of organizations and instiutions are being 'larger than the individual' and trying to 'last'

(reminds me again of the longevity debate, but I am not going that path yet)

Seth's post reminded me something that was taught to me in college about the difference between a product and service.

1. Products are similar, services are unique. Each customer will experience your service in a different way. When a waiter serves you a pizza, the experience comprises of the waiter's attitude, the smell of the pizza and your personal disposition.

2. Services are linked to the people who deliver them. A good consultant will be different from a great consultant. Even if they represent the same firm. Every service firm tries to minimise these differences, but they never go away.

So are bloggers the only very visible people who form part (or might form part) of the Free Agent Nation and invest in The Brand Called You ?

In my view, blogging is offering the highest level of service: advice.

You need to be indispensible if you want people to take your advice.

Bloggers sell their own worldviews, their ideas and their mental models. Good bloggers prescribe. Great bloggers give you reason and the ultimate bloggers leave you with a question.