May 9, 2006

China Daily: Don't blame us, blame India

This is hilarious ! From the China Daily:

The bulk of Chinese exports to the United States are labour-intensive products. If China stopped exporting such products to the United States, the Western nation would not engage in making these goods anyway. And other countries would fill the vacancy.

Worst of all, US high-tech firms, big and small, compete with each other to transfer IT-related jobs to countries such as India, where the pay and welfare level are much lower than those in the United States. They do this in order to cut costs to the minimum and reap the highest possible profits. This again costs many Americans their jobs.

Statistics indicate that about 300,000 computer-programming jobs have so far been transferred from the United States to India. And the tendency looks likely to continue.

At the same time, some financial institutions on Wall Street, following the examples of the high-tech companies, have also shifted some high-salary monetary analytical posts to India.

US research firm ForrestResearch predicts that about 3.3 million US white-collar jobs in service industries will be transferred to lower-wage countries, chiefly India, by 2018. This is bound to give rise to more serious problems.

The article gives its agenda away in the beginning, however.

Many Americans, influenced by US media, believe that their jobs are being stolen by competitors from China.
This opinion, which is widely bought by workers in manufacturing sectors, has great influence on the US Government.