May 23, 2006

A comment by a reader

to the ten reasons why organizations are not able to retain people post

A reader writes:

You simply hit the bull’s eye by stating that those TEN REASONS why organizations are not able to retain employees.
However I would like to add a couple of VERY IMPORTANT points from my own personal experience:
1) Dirty Office Politics ( Often led from the Senior level management ) - Same elsewhere as I Understand
2) No Incentives Schemes as well as a genuine recognition of the hard work done.
3) Lack of communication between Departments heads as well as the Junior Employees.
4) Job Profile.
The above mentioned reasons are also the ones that I believe employees leave their organizations. I have a total work experience of 7 plus years and I have
worked in a small I.T company to Call Centers ( A very famous name – ZZZ BPO Solutions) and presently working for this Firm called as "YYY Services Pvt. Ltd ". From my experience one thing is very clear in large organizations ( Like ZZZ) it is simply impossible to let your opinion BE HEARD. Although all these so called Indian I.T giants do their P.R pretty well it is a fact of matter that Internally the situation is quite the opposite than it seems from outside.
If you have read the wonderful book written by former C.E.O of INTEL – Andrew Grove : "Only the Paranoid Survive " you would understand it right down to the core. In very large companies whether it is an Indian or a MNC the C.E.O is OUT of TOUCH with ground realities and does NOT really know exactly what is going around his company. In spite of being a very fast growing company my company has an annual Attrition rate of around believe it not 70%-80% .The key reasons as I you have already mentioned in the blog and you can add the ones that I have mentioned afore.
Presently I am awaiting the DREADED THING called as "APPRASAIL " in June ( we have – 6 Monthly apprasails and the ANNUAL one at the end of year). However I am not really expecting miracles but atleast something to my satisfaction. ( I have an open outlook towards New CAREER and Job Options if any please let me know)

This is the reality of the experience that organizations have to grapple with. I do not know what to say to a person who has experienced such negativities in organizational life. I can only wish him the best of luck and hope that he/she gets a better manager and organization !