May 13, 2006

Injunctions of Gestalt Therapy

I came across the following injunctions of Gestalt Therapy when browsing Wikipedia. It struck me that the injunctions if internalised would enable us to have better work lives as well as personal lives ! After all Gestalt Therapy is based on the experiential ideal of "here and now", and relationships with others and the world.

  • Live now, stay in the present.
  • Live here, be with the present.
  • Stop imagining, experience reality.
  • Stop unnecessary thinking.
  • Express, rather than manipulating, explaining, justifying, or judging.
  • Give in to unpleasantness do not restrict your awareness.
  • Accept no "should" or "ought", other than your own.
  • Take full responsibility for your own actions, feelings and thoughts.
  • Surrender to being who you are right now.