May 18, 2006

Why do organization systems stifle ?

I've been having this conversation with a blogger (who will not be linked here !) and only today we were discussing something that Jeff puts so well !

Present corporate systems make frugal people profligate, intelligent people stupid and serious people silly. If we had something else that was reasonable to compare it to most of us would think that the modern corporation is some cruel mistake hoisted upon us by those mutton-chopped monopolists of long ago.

This means that the modern corporation prizes capital over talent and acts daily on the belief that a corporations primary objective is to manage their shareholder's risk rather than maximize their investor's return.
Talentism is an attempt, however humble, to turn this bad system into a good one. I believe that a voluntary gathering of like-minded people all focused on creating value for informed markets, minimizing waste and prizing talent growth above capital conservation is the only sustainable way to both increase investor returns and make the world a better place. So, hat in hand, I hereby undertake to publish "The Principles of Talentism."

I'm joining Jeff's revolution ! Are you ?