Jun 11, 2006

Robert Scoble resigns? What should Microsoft's HR do?

TechCrunch has the scoop on Scoble resigning.

This is the test for Microsoft's HR. They've lost their recruiters, that was the bad part. Now they are even losing their star blogger who is a role model who's been called the Chief Humanizing Officer of MS !

This is the time for HR to act proactively and make all out efforts to retain Robert. I cannot think on why any business (specially MS) would let him go. Of course, I am assuming his work on the corporate image building is his performance goal. There he's clearly exceeded expectations I assume !

If Microsoft succeeds it'll reflect very positively on it as a place which clearly values its better people. Even if it doesn't succeed, the effort will be noticed by others in the blogosphere.

P.S. Robert has his views here. He says:
Sixth, how do you know that the company didn't move heaven and hell to keep me happy? They did. I have the best job in the tech world. Bar none. I got to meet and interview and influence the best people in the world. Career decisions are personal and opportunity and growth require thinking about a lot of different things, not just one or two. I've turned down quite a few offers for more money than I'm now making.