Jul 17, 2006

Branding vs the blogosphere

Just what is true and authentic speech?

When does the corporate vs. human speech change?

Whom do you trust?

On my earlier posts on Employer Branding (one and two), here are two posts, one by Seth Godin who says in Fear of a small enemy :

While some organizations are trying to flip the funnel and give a megaphone to their happiest customers (leveraging their positive word of mouth) more are
obsessed with silencing the dissenters.
Just as asymmetrical warfare has turned our geopolitical system upside down, the same thing is happening in the marketing world. While it's tempting to spend all your time stamping out the little enemies, the architecture of the system favors a strategy of embracing and leveraging your happy constituents instead.

And the other an experience shared by Jeff Jarvis who says how a summer intern working with Dell's PR agency called him a worm on a blog comment. Poor, poor, PR depts !

The focus for organizations who want to engage with the conversations would be to:
  1. Focus on your happy employees (or customers) and let them be heard
  2. Focus on giving authority and discretion to your grassroots employees

Update: Dell has started it's own blog one2one

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