Jul 4, 2006

Dave Pollard on Peter Block's thoughts

As some of you might know I am a big Peter Block fan. I haven't yet read Stewardship so this review by Dave Pollard makes it a must read for me !

Way back then, Block had already learned what I was a decade from realizing, that entrepreneurship is natural to all of us, and that hierarchy, money, growth and self-interest are not necessary ingredients of true entrepreneurship but rather obstacles to its effectiveness

One of the hardest parts, he says, is convincing managers to give up managing (in favour of stewardship) and at the same time, ironically, convincing line employees to give up comfortable dependency, where they're not really responsible for anything. It's a difficult trade-off, and I am sure it would take enormous patience to pull this off, but Block is the master, and he's covered all the angles.