Jul 21, 2006

Two different points of time

Recently Max blogged that, According to this survey,
more than 66% of workers describe their jobs as a source of “personal fulfilment.” But just when you think you’re getting somewhere on this whole engagement thing, they hit you with: “the survey also confirmed that work remains simply a way of making a living for many people. Half (51%) said their work was 'a means to an end'.”
And some years ago some people wrote some chapters on the internet called the Cluetrain manifesto

That said:

It is also the source of a deep hunger that pervades modern life - a longing for something entirely different from the reality reinforced by everyday experience. We long for more connection between what we do for a living and what we genuinely care about, for work that's more than clock-watching drudgery. We long for release from anonymity, to be seen as who we feel ourselves to be rather than as the sum of abstract metrics and parameters. We long to be part of a world that makes sense rather than accept the accidental alienation imposed by market forces too large to grasp, to even contemplate.
And this longing is not mere wistful nostalgia, not just some unreconstructed adolescent dream. It is living evidence of heart, of what makes us most human.