Aug 2, 2006

Declaration of job independence

My blogging buddies have been a great source of support in this time of transition. Shannon of points me to this great post by Kathy Sierra who also links to Pamela Slim's blog. I had earlier come across Pam's post courtesy Guy's blog one day.

Which brought me to one question...are bloggers more inclined to entrepreneurship?

I don't think so. We are quite an opinionated, self-obsessed and independent bunch...but I think those of us who choose not to remain anonymous and keep on blogging year after year also end up doing two things:

  1. Stretching our own risk taking abilities
  2. Building our own brand

And that I think is what has helped me get the confidence to launch our own firm !

Rob has a contrarian view, and I think the difference is in the life contexts of individuals : Why Entrepreneurship Isn't All It is Cracked Up To Be provides the best of recruiting, including jobs, articles and blogs.