Aug 30, 2006

Infosys' Corporate Blog - Think Flat

Infosys launched its corporate blog, Think Flat with a post from CEO Nandan Nilekani, last month and then by Stephen Pratt of Infosys Consulting Stephen Pratt.

Most of the posts seem to be stuck to the "Flat world" theme, and the first two posts don't acknowledge the fact that they are being posted on a blog. Hmm, cut and paste job by someone in Corporate Communications, I guess.

Thankfully there is a RSS feed, and comments are not moderated. Sample this comment to Nandan's post

"What a terrible waste of time and storage space.
Is that the best thing you could write in your blog. bla h d' blah blah about your company and the tripe you serve your minions. Thats not what we want to read. Its a blog.
Don't you know what a blog is?
Don't make this another space for you to serve your corporate bull crap man. Talk of how you can inspire and elevate the youth in your company. How you can stop them from jumbing into Microsoft.
Talk of your life. There should be something interesting. Chill out. "


And no post or comment back from NN.

The recent posts are by a lady called Richa Govil. She posts a thankfully more bloggish post here. Who is she? No idea. An introduction might have been in order.

What else is missing? A blogroll. Or links. We'd like to see who the bloggers at Flat World read. Tom Peters is a great Infy advocate, maybe they should add him to the blogroll.

What really the blog needs is less posturing and more conversation. More themes. Flat World is too narrow a category for the blog, unless Infy plans to launch multiple blogs. Which the domain seems to suggest.

Lets hope the blog does not die the death of the Wipro Blog ! But as of now it's quite a flat blog

Update: Review is also up at Desicritics.

More Update: When I logged into Linkedin I realised that Infy is advertising the blog through linkedin ! That's such a traditional way of thinking ! Why can't they just link to other blogs and respond to what the blogosphere is talking?
And just what is meant by that line - "Win in the flat world - Infosys reveals secrets you can use" ? Some clueless advertising copywriter obviously came up with that one ! A big thumbs down to this one !