Aug 17, 2006

On not having a plan

There are certain kind of people that always made me feel inadequate. You know, the folks who always seem to have figured out their future down to the last dot. They are the examples we quote in time management classes, who write 20 year goals, then break it down gradually down to granules of 2 weeks !

In a lot of ways, I've been an anti-thesis of that. My inbox is messy and the future is always imagined, never planned. Only recently I've got in touch with a underlying theme of my strengths and have figured out a mission for myself.

So it came as a relief when I read this on Tom Peters' blog:

I have never had a plan, and that is no lie. I just go from speech to speech and Post to Post and book to book—with no thought about "impact." Your question is interesting, because the idea has never crossed my mind. (E.g., after every book I write I vow never to write another. Then something new pisses me off—and away I go.)

Years ago I named my power boat (sold long ago) "Cromwell." It was because of a Cromwell quote I love/loved: "No one rises so high as he who knows not where he is going." (Or something close to that.) For example, I get fanatic about design or women's stuff for a few years. It's not because it fits a framework—it's because some inadvertent remark/s gets me going. You must believe me about this—as you know, I am blunt and personal and truthful to the best of my ability in these Posts.

So, I've discovered my strengths and have found my battle.

Have you?