Aug 31, 2006

A possible use for a blog

Was chatting with a journalist friend today.

She interviews some bona fide gurus.

Was asking me about blogging, how to go about it, how long does it take, etc.

Why did she want to know?

Somebody told her that she should blog. The interviews that she does are usually 8000 word transcripts that get published in 800 word articles. She could put the full transcript on a blog.

My question was, would her employer approve?

Probably not, she said. "but if I need another job, these could be shown to my prospective employer"

So I suggested that she try the new blogger beta. It has privacy settings that can restrict people's access to your blog. So it can effectively act as one's online database/portfolio.

Give the access to your new recruiter and say goodbye to emailing bulky attachments.

Feindishly simple !

Blogs are actual job hunting tools this way and not just to build one's brand !