Sep 7, 2006

If posters could...

A spam email I recieved said the following:
Our Motivational Posters will transform your walls from inanimate obstructions, into windows into your corporate persona that show off your values and your way of life.

Each captivating poster delivers a compelling message to its readers. Daily reminders that enter the subconscious and coach their readers with messages of timeless wisdom, these small objects will have a great impact.

This growing collection of exclusive posters is crafted by our team of highly talented graphics designers. They address all aspects of organizational life. They have been designed to creatively convey vital messages.

Our motivational posters can
Uplift and motivate anybody who reads them
Help keep your team spirit high and keep members focused and excited.
Facilitate essential insights, while dispelling apathy and bad attitudes.

Hmm, only if all this were true, we could dispel with the need for managers, leaders and other 'support staff'. People would come to office in time, set their own goals, use maturity and judgement, continue being motivated under pressure from customers and make money for the company !