Sep 29, 2006

McKinsey most preferred in Indian B Schools

Seems like the McKinsey mystique refuses to fade away. According to the ACNielsen Campustrack survey, the firm ranks number one in the most desired firm on Indian B School campuses. Google's sheen seems to be rubbing off, dropping to number 7 and Microsoft also has the going tough on Indian B Schools.

Even on the technology campuses, consulting firms are giving the likes of Google and Microsoft a tough time (as I had noted earlier too).

Back to the news about the Campus track survey, according to Himanshu's blog:

In fact, consultancy firms dominate the list - barring Lehman Brothers and TCS, three out of top five are consultancy firms. Tata Group’s TAS has for the first time figured in the top five list, a sharp jump from No 24 rank which it occupied last year.

Campustrack Survey ’06 is an annual survey conducted by AC Nielsen among 1,200 students across top 20 business schools of India.

It has been a big come down for the IT majors Microsoft, TCS, Oracle - who have fallen off the top ten list this year. Microsoft was the most preferred employer on the B-school campus last year. Even Google, which was the second most preferred recruiter last year has dropped to No 7. Banks seemed to have bounced back in thse top 10 list with Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Citigroup figuring in the top 10.