Sep 27, 2006

presenting The Imagence Partners

When I decided on turning freelance, I asked you for a name of my firm. I got tonnes of suggestions, and while I liked quite a few of them, I finally decided on a name today.

Before that there were some names we considered, like Zeitgiest (German for "Spirit of the Times"), but folks told us it would be too difficult for people to remember. We also considered Aspen, the name of a tree that senses the slightest breeze, but there already exists an Aspen Institute.

We also wanted a name that captures our philosophy behind the OD, HR and Blog consulting work we aspire to do: and that is that it is not possible for us as external consultants to have the answers that the clients may no know, but that as external people, we have less of their blind spots and can see more possibilities. If these are identified then they would evolve and develop into strengths for the future.

Thus emerged (an appropriate word) the words - Image/Imagine and Emergence - that coalesce to form Imagence.

Partners - because that's what we are, of each other, and that's what we aspire to be for our clients :-)

Here's the first draft of the (temp) website of The Imagence Partners. Hopefully it will emerge (!) better as the days go by. Your thoughts are welcome.