Sep 7, 2006

Some ideas for SimplyHired

So Gautam Godhwani of SimplyHired is finally blogging :-)

Here is his first post. It talks about how their mission is to make things easier for the job seeker.

And here are some ideas I got reading his post. have posted them as comments there, but I thought I'll post them here anyway.

We know life for a job seeker may not be great sometimes. For people with "hot" or "in-demand" skills it's a great place to be in. But job seekers are not a homogenous group. And the reason why they search for a new job would not be the same.

So I'm wondering, if SimplyHired really wants to help ALL job seekers, should it not also get into associated businesses that help job seekers be ready for tomorrow's market. Hmm, SimplyLearning or SimplySkilled, perhaps, as a precursor to being SimplyHired ?