Sep 6, 2006

TOI messes up

Mohit Kishore points to a flaw in a TOI article that equates salary costs to salaries. Readers need to be aware in the details of an article instead of taking the headlines at face value. Sometimes journalistic accuracy takes a backseat to commercial interests.
Thus TOI would have us believe that a 262% increase in staff costs, corresponds to a 262% increase in salary, thereby making Indiabulls the highest payer in the financial sector. Wow.
Now, if Indiabulls doesn't hire you, I suggest you head to Balaji Telefilms , where again the staff costs went up by 251%. Needless to say, TOI would like us to believe that this means that salaries went up by 251%. Do we need to point out that staff costs go up when you hire more people (both Indiabulls and Balaji being growing companies), and not necessarily because you are paying your people more.